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Parents as Partners in Education

The leadership team at St Chrysostom's view parents as important partners in the delivery of education for children. We aim to provide a range of different opportunities for us to communicate with you and for you to communicate with us; we do not have one parent forum as we like to hear the views of as many parents as possible. Over the last two years, your feedback has been invaluable in supporting us to improve the school and we encourage you to continue to talk to us in order to help make St Chrysostom's the best that it can be for the benefit of the children.

How do we communicate with you?

  • We send regular newsletters - curriculum newsletters from the year group teaching team, Reading newsletters from our Reading Leader, monthly newsletters from the Head of School and 'Mooch Around Manchester' newsletters to keep your family busy in the holidays. These newsletters always contain diary dates and are available to view on the 'Letters' page of the school website.
  • We send texts to remind you about important events.
  • We keep our website up to date with important information and policies.
  • We hold regular parent workshops in a variety of curriculum areas across the age-ranges.
  • We invite you to 'Share the Learning' events so that you can enjoy looking at your child's work and classroom with them. A week later we host formal parents' evenings to update you on your child's achievements and next steps.
  • We provide an annual written report about your child.
  • We telephone you, write to you or approach you on the playground to arrange a meeting if we need to talk to you about something specific.

How can you communicate with us?

  • You can speak to a teaching assistant or member of SLT every day when you drop off your child at school. You can speak to the teacher each day when you collect your child in the afternoon.
  • You can make an appointment to speak to a teacher or member of the leadership team by going to the office, telephoning, writing to or emailing us.
  • You can attend an event and complete an evaluation sheet to tell us what you thought.
  • You can attend a coffee morning or feedback event to tell us your views.
  • You can respond to consultation surveys.

Parent Consultations

We are currently consulting parents about their views on the new Relationships & Health Education that has been introduced by the government. This will become statutory in September 2020. We are beginning by holding 1:1 conversations with parents who represent different groups of pupils and our community. Later we will send out a survey to all parents before forming a federation focus group who will create a new Relationships & Health Education Policy. If you would like to be involved in this please contact the school.

Thank you for your continued support of St Chrysostom's.


Parent Events this year

September 2022

Meet & Greet 

Stay & Play (Reception)

MacMillan Coffee Morning

October 2022

Stay & Play (Reception)

Parents Evening

November 2022

Stay & Play (Nursery)

Year 2 Parent Workshop

Nursery Parent Afternoon

Year 6 Parent Workshop (Maths)

Reception/Year 1 Parents Phonics Meeting

December 2022

Reception Christmas Nativity

Year 1/Year 2 Christmas songs

Nursery Christmas songs

Foodbank Coffee Morning

January 2023

Class Assemblies

February 2023

Class Assemblies

Share the Learning

March 2023

Class Assemblies

Year 2 SATs Workshop

Year 6 SATs Workshop











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