Miss R Mason

I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2016 with a BA in English Language for Education. I have since gained experience as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and worked in Higher Education. I have taught ESL both abroad and online and believe I can empathise with the hard work and dedication the educators bring to the profession. The process of teaching and learning can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding for all involved.

I currently work at the University of Manchester as a Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Assistant in the Faculty of Humanities. My team and I are responsible for ensuring quality teaching and learning is taking place in all its lectures and seminars. All of which are currently being delivered in the classroom and online simultaneously. This is in response to a change in demands following recent COVID19 restrictions. I have first-hand experience in how the University is responding to the changing world of education and incorporating online tools with traditional classroom practices to make teaching and learning safer, more engaging, and more inclusive.

Miss Mason has an important responsibility for the Welfare and Safeguarding of children as a governor across the Federation.

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