Mr Taylor

Professionally I have worked in senior school improvement roles in 4 local
authorities. In 2 of these I have managed officers who led on school
governance. Essentially the LA role in each case has been to ensure children
receive at least a good education and has involved working with senior leaders
and governors to bring about change where required. I led a team of 60 officers
in my role in Kirklees.

I started out as a secondary science teacher. I led science in a school and was
also a senior leader in an 11-18 high school where I was the lead for student
progress. The school became outstanding whilst I was part of the leadership

Additionally, I led PGCE secondary science at Edge Hill and contributed to
primary science courses. I also co-authored a chapter in the ASE primary
science handbook.
My role in the National Strategies as the NW Regional Director for science was
a huge privilege and such amazing professional development.
I feel my knowledge of all aspects of school improvement would support high
quality governance and this includes a sound grasp of finance and school

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