Throughout our school, from Nursery to Year 6, children are taught Writing in a range of exciting and engaging ways. We cover literary genres thoroughly whilst also ensuring there are many opportunities for cross-curricular writing across the varied curriculum. This is enhanced by the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar both discretely and as part of English lessons.


#Classes follow a class novel led system, where a book forms the basis of all writing outcomes in English for a number of weeks according to the length of the text. The texts include prose, poetry and plays. Teachers also use appropriate non-fiction texts to enhance their teaching of the novel. For example, in teaching ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, teachers have used a range of texts on magic, traditional stories and castles to teach around the subject. All books have been chosen by our staff as texts that are age appropriate, that will engage the children and provide them with as many writing opportunities as possible. We also aim to encourage the children to contribute to the design of the writing curriculum by incorporating their suggestions about the text into our planning.

We give all children the chance to produce final pieces of writing that they feel very proud of. The writing sequence is clearly taught and children are aware of the purpose of their writing and the audience they are writing for.

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