Physical Education

At St John's, we believe that school sport and physical education is essential in developing healthy, motivated, confident and physically competent children. We believe it is important to support pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of physical activities whilst promoting a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our Aims

  • Motivate and challenge pupils.

  • Enable pupils to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and co-ordination.

  • Encourage pupils to work and play with others in a range of group situations, developing the importance of team sports.

  • Develop the way in which pupils perform skills and apply rules and conventions for different activities.

  • Show pupils how to improve the quality of their performance and make progress.

  • Develop an understanding in pupils of how to succeed in a range of physical activities and how to evaluate their own success.

  • Help pupils to understand the importance of physical activity in leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Develop pupils’ enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination.

  • Provide opportunities for pupils to experience and enjoy competitive sports


After school clubs

Monday - Year 1/2 multi-sports

Tuesday - Year 3-6 football and football team

Wednesday - Year 3-6 multi-sports

Thursday - Year 3-6 Girls multi-sports


Sport Leaders

We have 10 children who have been trained as Sport Leaders, promoting and leading activities for other pupils. 6 of these children have completed the Playmaker Award and 4 of these pupils are engaged int he Manchester Primary Leadership Academy programme led by Man Utd.



Already this year we have taken part in several football tournaments and we are attending a multi-sports festival in November.


New Kit

We have applied to the Premier League Primary Stars for a new kit to wear during our football conpetitions......and we were successful! Our new kit will arrive in the Summer.