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News & Events

Find out what we've been up to and where we've been here.

Diary Dates

All the important dates that are relevant to your child's year group can be found by clicking this link.



How to Help at Home

There are many activities that you can do at home with your child to help suppport their learning and development

 * Read at home - this can be done at any point during your day, especially a bedtime story. 

* Ask your child to find objects, put them away to help you. This supports their understanding of positional language.

* Count with them. Everything and anything can be counted in the home or whilst you are out and about. This will help to achieve a secure level of understanding of number.

* Talk to your child. Have conversations with them to develop their understanding of words and how to form sentences.

Good to be Green

It is important to follow the school rules and it is 'good to be green'. Find out about the rules that the children in Year 1 have signed up to this year.


All newsletters, trip letters and otherrespondence relevant to your child's year group can be accessed here.


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