What does MUSIC look like at St John’s CE Primary School?

Music is, in its very essence, a practical and active subject. But it is not just for fun.

Music is powerful; it transcends time and cultures and can speak to us deeply.

As Plato argued:

‘Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.’

How do we plan music lessons at St John's?

  • The school subscribe to the Charanga music scheme online and units are allocated to year groups Y3, Y5, Y6 to teach half termly.
  • A visiting music teacher provides a weekly 1 hour lesson to YR, Y1, Y2 (singing/percussion) and Y4 (African drums)
  • Curriculum objectives for the current year group are used by all class teachers and the visiting music teacher (Y1 – Y6) to ensure progression.
  • Music can form part of the creative curriculum planning (where appropriate) where it is planned at lesson level.

How do we celebrate music at St John's?

  • Music is celebrated in each half-termly topic book.
  • Music is celebrated through school media.
  • Music is celebrated in classroom/shared area displays.
  • Music is celebrated through termly performances and invited guests.

How do we enrich our music curriculum and build aspirations for the future?

  • Educational trips – RNCM, Bridgewater Hall, MEN arena, St Chrysostom’s Church
  • Visiting musicians/workshops
  • KS2 choir (currently preparing for a performance at 'Young Voices' in Feb 2109 at the MEN arena)
  • After school club music groups (African drumming and ukuleles)
  • Development of performances - in and out of school (KS2 are preparing for their Nativity performance at St Chrysostom's church)
  • Children are taught about famous musicians and composers of the past and those of the modern world

Last year's Young Voices banner!

Spring Term 2019

This term has been a very busy one for the choir at St John's. They have been preparing to take part again in the 'Young Voices 19' concert at Manchester Arena. The day of the concert was great fun and the evening show was a fabulous success. Even Tony Hadley (ex Spandau Ballet lead singer!) was there to entertain us!


Our Summer term singing project is to take part in a 'Singing Together' concert at Dean trust high school in June. More information to follow soon...!