Numeracy is a fundamental life-skill and we work tirelessly to ensure every child who leaves our St. Chrysostom’s has fulfilled their potential regarding their grasp of Mathematical skills.  Mathematical learning in our school provides children with a solid foundation on which to build and develop numeracy knowledge at secondary school: enabling them to follow the career or further education path of their choice.

Throughout our school, from Nursery to Year 6, children are taught Mathematics in engaging, practical and exciting ways.  We have a diverse range of resources, including ICT programmes, which cater to different learning styles and engage children by helping them to see new ideas and concepts in many different ways.  There are regular opportunities for group, paired and individual work, with frequent class discussion of different methods of calculation and new ideas.

Being able to calculate mentally is an essential component of Mathematics learning in primary school.  St. Chrysostom’s ensures our children receive daily practise in developing this important skill; making learning more formal written methods of calculation much easier for our children.  Continuing to practise this learning at home will further help your child to become confident and competent regarding mental calculation.  Please speak with your child’s teacher about their current class focus.


We place a strong emphasis on the language of Mathematics, reinforcing skills learnt in Numeracy lessons through other subjects such as Science, ICT and Art.