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Update: 30th September 2020, by Mr Parekh

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 11:18am

Dear Parents/ Carers

We would like to inform you we have unfortunately discovered a positive test of COVID in the EYFS bubble, as a result of this we will be closing our EYFS bubble till Friday 9th October. To note, this person has not been in school since the 24th September 

Our cleaning team will ensure a deep thorough clean and ensure cleanliness in the EYFS classroom to prevent any spread, so when the children do come back to school, they will come back to a clean and safe environment.

Each child will have a zoom appointment appointed by your class teacher along with activities to do over the next 9 days till your child returns to school. Please ensure you do not lose your zoom sheet as this will allow you and your child to make contact with their teacher every day until the Friday the 9th October when they return to school. 

We thank you for responding so urgently to our message to collect the children and in a timely manner, and we hope to see you again very soon.

Thank you

St John CofE Primary School. 

Support our parents, by Mr Parekh

Date: 14th Sep 2020 @ 8:11am

Dear Parents/Carers


We understand as a school it is our duty to uphold and maintain a safe learning environment even during this difficult time, and we understand some parents maybe nervous and bring their child in or quite relectant due to Covid-19, however as a Federation, our number one priority is the well-being and safeguarding of the children. 


We understand some children are ill from time to time and we understand they may have some symptoms similar to which are Covid, however this doesnt mean they do have the virus.

To ensure our parents are always are always kept up-to-date with the most relevant information, we are sending a visual aids along with the September Newsletter to help you understand what to do if you or your child do become ill with either symptoms or the virus itself.


If you do feel you have symptoms that are similar to COVID you also call 111 for advice and support, or you can book a COVID test at , testing results normally come 48 hours after the test is posted through the mail, when you do receive your results, contact the school immidately to update either regarding your childs absence or return to school. 


Informing the school is vital to ensure and maintain a safe learning environment across school to keep children, members of staff and parents safe, so please call the school to keep us updated. 


We thank you for your continued understanding.


The SJC Federation 

Update: Sunday 13th September 2020, by Mr Parekh

Date: 13th Sep 2020 @ 2:43pm

Update: Sunday 13th September 2020


Dear parents,


We have a positive COVID test within our Year 1 bubble, we are asking year 1 children only to isolate.  Your child should return to school on the 23rd September 2020. Siblings are required to attend school unless someone in your household develops symptoms.  We will be in touch with regards to home learning.  The school office will be open form 8.30am till 4.00pm as normal should you have any queries.  


Many thanks for your continued support.

Mr G Elswood

Executive Headteacher

Safe for September, by Mr Parekh

Date: 21st Jul 2020 @ 8:54am

Dear Parents/ Carers 

We hope you are all keeping well, staying safe and enjoying the summer holidays.

Following on to September 2020, we will be sending updates via text message and letters in regards to our procedure for children to be returning to school, and safely doing their education.

In September, children will be taught in small bubbles to enforce social distancing within classrooms

In addition to this, groups will not be mixed during break and lunchtime to ensure safety among the children.

We have enhanced our cleaning routines to make sure when children do return to school, it will be in a clean and safe environment. 

Thank for your continued understanding and we can't wait to see you all return in September.

Mr G. Elswood

Executive Headteacher 

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