At St Chrysostom’s we are committed to inspiring children in their History and Geography learning, through a topic based approach.

We aim to engage children’s curiosity about the past through high quality History lessons. Our children are encouraged to ask questions and explore their interests about the way the past has shaped our present day. History topics are supported by out of school visits to castles, Victorian house and museums, bringing the subject to life for the children.

Geography is equally taught in exciting and practical ways, motivating children to investigate the world around them.  From Nursery to Year 6 children are taught to develop their knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and environmental features. The range and depth of knowledge our children develop within these topics is impressive and challenging.

We see learning as an adventure in which the whole community can participate. We enlist the support of storytellers, artists, engineers and other specialists to make History and Geography lessons real for the children. Parents are regularly invited into school to share their own experiences and expertise related to the different topics, further inspiring our children.