Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Class councillors

In our year 5, we have 4 school councillors. We followed a democratic process to vote.                                         Everyone had the opportunity to become a councillor. Each candidate had to explain why they deserve to fulfil the role, and then debate their reasons against their oponents. After this, everyone had the opportunity to make one vote for their chosen candidate and then put them in a ballot box.                                                                               The votes were counted and the 4 councillors were selected.

5A: Khadija and Lucas

5B: Dania and Mubarik


In class 5A we have 3 librarians: Araf, Labeebah and Raida. They love books and reading and help to keep our class reading area tidy, accessible and welcoming. We have been very lucky to have lots of new books for our classroom this year!


Maham and Zeeshan are our class reflection monitors. They are responsible for organising our class reflections and arranging for it to be recorded in our class reflection book:

They also take part in KS1 and KS2 assemblies with Mrs Zaman, to let other classes know what we are doing in reflection times at St John's.


We have a lovely, calm reflection are in our classroom, with representations from most religions. We choose items we are interested in or want to know more about from here for reflection time:


We have recently started a new weekly activity to help us learn more about the English language!                          It is called 'Idiom of the Week'. Sadeq and Saida are our monitors for this and distribute the new idiom picture each week to all the classes. So far we have learnt about:

*being in a pickle

*a piece of cake

and this week is....