Autumn 1 Settling in:

Starting Nursery can be a tricky time so during the first four weeks of Nursery, we will be focussing on settling in and being happy to come to school.

We will focus on:

- Telling our new teachers how we are feeling and finding help when we need it

- Learning to play with our new friends including sharing and taking and taking turns

- Putting our coat on our peg when we come to Nursery

- Knowing where to find the things that we want to play with and where to put them back when we have finished

- Using and playing witht the thngs in our classroom safely and properly

- Learning all about lunchtimes in our new school includig eating properly and feeling safe at lunchtimes

Our first topic will be called 'All about me'. We will be thinking about the people in our family, other people who are speical to us, what makes us special and what we enjoy to do.

We will be learning the book 'The Family Tree' by Todd Parr.