Our curriculum

At St John's we follow a creative, topic-based curriculum that is led by a key text. The objectives for our curriculum come from the Early Years document 'Development Matters'. 

Towards the end of the Nursery year we use Read, Write, Inc. as our sole approach to the teaching of phonics. Throughout Nursery up to the Summer Term, we focus on teaching children to speak clearly in full sentences; extending children's vocabulary through a range of learning experiences; learning and singing a range of different songs and rhymes; learning a number of stories off by heart and learning how to listen carefully. Click here Nursery Long Term Plan to see our long term plan for this year including all of the wonderful stories and exciting enrichment opportunities. 

If you would like to know more, please visit our subject website pages or attend one of our school workshops or parent events such as Share the Learning, Class Assembly or Parents' Evening.

In the Autumn Term we will learn a number of Nursery Rhymes and other songs that will help us to practice our speaking, listening and understanding. The rhymes that we will focus on are:

Humpty Dumpty

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hickory Dickory Dock


We will also learn some rhymes that help us to practice our listening skills. We always sit with our fingers fastened and vocies in when we listen.

Listen, Listen, Here I Come (Someone special gets the drum)

Monkey... Where are You?

When children are settled in, we will move on to learn the story 'Peace at Last'. This is a really good story to support us in practicing making different sounds with our mouth; an important skill when learning to communiocate clearly.

In maths, we will be learning some number rhymes which will help us to say numbers in the correct order to 5 and know how to count a small group of objects. When we count a group of objects, we will practice saying 'There are ...' to say how many there are.

The number rhymes that we will focus on learning are:

5 Little Speckled Frogs  

5 Little Ducks

5 Currant Buns

5 Little Monkeys

We will be learning all about how to use the different areas in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Children will be taught to play with sand, water, dough, blocks, construction, box modelling, painting, reading and mark making inside. We also have a home corner and a dressing up area. Outside children children can ride bikes, play ball games, play in the mud kitchen, find bugs and minibeasts or tend to the gardening.