Our curriculum

At St John's we follow a creative, topic-based curriculum that is led by a key text. The objectives for our curriculum come from the National Curriculum 2014. Towards the end of the Nursery year we use Read, Write, Inc. as our sole approach to the teaching of phonics. Click the link below to see our long term curriculum for this year. We will soon be adding a medium term plan, which provides further detail. If you would like to know more, please visit our subject website pages or attend one of our school workshops or parent events such as Share the Learning, Class Assembly or Parents' Evening.

In Summer, we will be learning the story 3 Billy Goats Gruff. This story is about 3 goats who want to cross over a bridge to eat the fresh grass on the other side. Unfortunately, there is an ugly, disgusting troll stopping them!

Alongside reading and learning this story, we will be visiting the farm and learning all about the different animals that live on a farm, espcially goats.

We are now learning Set 1 letter sounds and are beginning to read words with these sounds in. All of our parents attended parent workshops in May so you all know how to support your child with their reading.

Lots of our children can now write their name or most of their name. We will be continuing to learn to write our names, making sure that we write the letters correctly. Please carry on helping your child at home as we discussed at Parents' Evening. Use the name card and other ideas that I shared with you.

We will be carrying on practising our counting making sure that we can can count objects in a group and say how many there asre. We will also be counting out of a larger set, stopping on a given number. Please help your child by practising counting often. Count everything that you see; cars on the road, flowers in the garden, spoons on the table. When we talk about number, we always sopeak in full sentences. Encourage your child to say how many they have counted in a full sentence (i.e. 'There are ...').