Our curriculum

At St John's we follow a creative, topic-based curriculum that is led by a key text. The objectives for our curriculum come from the National Curriculum 2014. Click the link below to see our long term curriculum for this year. We will soon be adding a medium term plan, which provides further detail. If you would like to know more, please visit our subject website pages or attend one of our school workshops or parent events such as Share the Learning, Class Assembly or Parents' Evening.


In Year 6, we have many new and exciting things to learn; this will also include some fantastic enrichment activites.

Spring Term 1 - Who were we? 

We will be exploring the impact of significant events that occurred during WWI and WW2. How do you think these events have shaped our lives today?

The children will visit Tatton Park to learn about how it felt to be a child evacuated during the war. They will build on their knowledge of evacuation by studying texts such as ‘Good Night Mr Tom.’ In the holidays you could try to find out how evacuation affected the lives of local children in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

Our key text this term will be, ‘Jars of Hope’ by Jenifer Roy, which retells the heroic actions of a woman who saved the lives of many Jewish children.  We will use this text to understand more about the treatment of Jews during WWII.

Other texts that the children will study include: ‘The boy in the stripped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne and ‘Our Jacko’ by Michael Morpurgo. 

Try to find out five facts about WW2 for the children to share with the class in January.


Spring Term 2 - What lives around us?


We will be learning all about endangered species with a focus on tigers. We will explore a number of species and the threats that there are to their survival. 

Our key text is Can we save the tiger? by Martin Jenkins. Martin Jenkins, a conservation biologist, has written several nonfiction books for children. This engaging picture book uses the experiences of a few endangered species as examples, and highlights the ways human behavior can either threaten or conserve the amazing animals that share our planet.

Children will be asked to consider: what lives around us and how does protecting our world affect us? In addition to this, they will focus on persuasive writing techniques and produce their own persuasive piece about protecting a species of their choice.  

Other texts that the children will study include: ‘Sky Song' by Abi Elphinstone, 'The Hunter' and 'Tortuga' by Paul Geraghty.


Summer Term 1 - Where can we go?


To follow...