Our curriculum

At St John's we follow a creative, topic-based curriculum that is led by a key text. The objectives for our curriculum come from the National Curriculum 2014. Click the link below to see our long term curriculum for this year. We will soon be adding a medium term plan, which provides further detail. If you would like to know more, please visit our subject website pages or attend one of our school workshops or parent events such as Share the Learning, Class Assembly or Parents' Evening.

Spring Term 2 - Where are we?

We will be exploring rivers and the water cycle for our topic this half term. We will be focussing on writing a non- chronological report about eels.

It would be wonderful if you could help your child at home with some research about eels and rivers.

In science, we will be learning about different types of rocks and how we can describe them.

Our key text is, ‘Think of an eel' we call this text a faction as it links a story about an eel travelling through the Sargasso sea with some lovely facts about eels.

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